Pulse Elite edition vs the old PS3 headset, the sound quality comparison, which wireless headphones to buy ?

Here come my comparison of these two gaming stereo wireless headsets + wireless headphones for PS3 movie watching, Pulse Elite edition vs the old PS3 headset, which one is the best choice, if you don’t to dig in the details, here is the verdict, if you are looking for a stereo wireless gaming headset to use with your Playstation 3 and you have no need to use this headset as your wireless audio headphones for music listening and you won’t connect this headset to Mac or PC for music listening, for the price of around $130 Sony wireless gaming headset “Pulse Elite edition” is a better choice but if you are looking for a headset that could be use for music listening from your PC or Mac wirelessly and if you are looking for an audio characteristic that comes in a “flat tone” that is very comfortable to listen, the old Playstation 3 stereo wireless headset is a proper choice. Here is the reason why :

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Pulse Elite edition works best with PS3, it comes with this cool feature called BassImpact that vibrates on both ear cups when the big boom sound appears or I can say it is like this wireless headphones comes with built-in subwoofers, and this is my first headphones of its kind and it is very good, with a balanced volume and BassImpact volume setting (similar to a big subwoofer setting in your surround sound system, you have to find find the balance between the subwoofer and master volume or else all you would hear is only the muffled bass sound character), it comes with a very wide sound stage, and a good instrumental focus, and I can feel the environment sound all around my head even with only the 2.0 stereo setting (I preferred a stereo sound from a stereo headset, I think virtual 7.1 system creates blurry focuses), and with the bass, I can “feel” a car bomb, gun fires, and many bass boom sound very clearly and very deeply, I can feel earphone vibrates accorded to the sound origin, or I could say Pulse Elite edition is one of the best gaming headset and the best wireless late night movie watching headphones ever !

But also its best feature could be it limitation as well, because to enjoy its very good audio quality, you need to use Pulse Elite edition with PS3, that means if you think to buy this headset and use it as a multi-purposed headphones as advertised, you will be disappointed, I have found, with no PS3, this headphones sucks (seriously). In term of music listening, I have tried with iPad, iPod Touch, Mac Mini, even with my CD players and I have to say, it too much bass and you won’t be able to hear anything just bass !, even this headset comes with a built-in 3.5 mm audio-in on an USB dongle and earphone but I don’t think it is a good idea to use it as your portable headphones, it has a terrible sound quality for $130 headphones.

In contrast, the old PS3 stereo wireless gaming headset offers a difference approach, unlike the new comer, even with no 3.5 mm audio-in input, this wireless headset could be used as a wireless audio headphones, I use for my exercise time by plug-in an USB dongle with my Mac Mini and let’s iTunes do the shuffle, since it comes with a quite flat tone, a  PS3 stereo wireless gaming headset can handle most of music styles, I can enjoy Rock as well as Classic or Jazz, but on the other size, if you use this headset for gaming and movie watching, you may feel it comes with insufficient bass, the focus and sound stage is good but it lacks of bass, unlike the Pulse Elite edition that is more than enough.

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This doesn’t mean the old PS3 stereo wireless gaming headset is a better choice than the Pulse Elite edition, but it is just what are you aiming for, if movie watching and gaming is your target, definitely go with the Sony Pulse wireless headset Elite edition, but if you are looking for a headset for music and you are not so serious about sound quality for movie and gaming, the old PS3 stereo wireless gaming headset is a good choice too.

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3 Responses to Pulse Elite edition vs the old PS3 headset, the sound quality comparison, which wireless headphones to buy ?

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  2. Nick says:

    I don’t know what kind of music or audio system you tested these on, but the Pulse Elite headset is absolutely fantastic for music. Plugged into any headphone jack, the music is always rich, great clarity, and natural bass that sounds like the room is filled with sound. I’m listening to a lot of orchestral music with them so clarity, imaging and good bass are critical to a good listening experience. These Pulse headsets give me a great listening experience with the headphone cable alone. For me the wireless capability is a bonus.

  3. Robert Tanchin says:

    I have had many set’s of headphones and this has pros and cons sounds great with music on my droid dna sounds good with gaming but I wish it had more distinction between where the sounds are coming from when I’m playing Call of Duty I found the Turtle Beach px 11 wired headset to be the best for thatbut overall I’m happy with the pulse Elite they are by far the most comfortable wireless headset I have ever owned

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