LG NB2030A Sound Bar review

An audio quality of my LED HDTV sucks and that is a reason I decided to bought this LG NB2030A sound bar (Click here for the big discount price of LG NB2030A Sound Bar @ Amazon.com) and I have to say it is a good choice that I’ve made ! I am pretty happy with this sound bar. I use this sound bar in my bedroom, most of the time to watch Netflix, Blu-rays and DVDs. (I play Netflix from my Wii U and Blu-rays and DVDs from my Sony Blu-ray player) And also many times, I use this sound bar to play Wii U game that almost of the games come in 2.1, and for sometimes, I use this sound bar to play iPad mini songs that connected via 3.5 mm.

In term of connectivity, if you don’t have an AVR and you don’t want to get one and you don’t care about a surround system or a big boom bass from subwoofer, LG NB2030A Sound Bar is a good choice since it comes with many HDMIs (3 of them for HDMI-in and 1 of HDMI out to connect to your TV) or I could say you can use this sound bar as your AVR if you are ok with a 2.1 system.

In term of audio quality, this sound bar also comes with built-in subwoofers that I could say, in general, this sound bar does give a big improvement to my LG HDTV audio quality (LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600). I can hear the movie lines clearly and also I can feel the bass boom in an action scene (I don’t turn it that loud since I live in a condo).

And if you use LG TV, this sound bar comes with a great benefit, you can by pass your TV sound by the feature called “ARC” and also you can use your LG TV remote to control this sound bar as well.

If you are looking for one of a simplest way to upgrade your system or just want to upgrade your TV sound. This sound bar, LG NB2030A is a good choice.

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