Kindle Paperwhite demo video

If you want to know what this new Amazon ebook reader can do, you might want to check out the demo video below, it shows the essences of Kindle Paperwhite.

So, as you can see, first of all, Kindle Paperwhite comes with a built-in reading light so you can read in any light conditions and don’t worry, unlike many tablet screens, this built-in reading light creates no glares and you can adjust its brightness according to your preference.

Then you can see how light this Kindle Paperwhite is, you can carry it and operate it with only one hand, this ebook reader comes with a faster processor than its predecessor that’s why a touchscreen navigator with this device is so smooth.

And with this touchscreen feature, you can make a highlight, share messages with your friends via Facebook, or add notes very easy (I love its touchscreen keyboard, add notes on Kindle’s never been this easy), page turn is very response and very fast, you can open ebook navigation menu  by tap one time on a  screen.

You can also use an X-Ray feature that was originally came with Kindle Touch,  and as always you can directly go to Amazon ebook store from Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite available in 2 options, the first one is 3G + wifi that allows you to access to Kindle store from almost anywhere in the world with free of charge or if you don’t think it is useful you can go with a wifi model to save your money but I have to say it has a good web browser you can use Kindle Paperwhite as your on the go browser.

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