Can you still buy Kindle Touch and should you buy them ?

No, Amazon won’t sell this ebook reader anymore, Kindle Touch has been replaced by Kindle Paperwhite, if you want to buy this ebook reader, you can buy it as a refurbished product that means it is a used product that passed a factory cleaning procedure and re-packaging or I could say it is like you buy a new product with a cheaper price, in this case $129 for Kindle Touch 3G model vs $179 for a brand new Kindle Paperwhite 3G. The question is should you buy this certified refurbished Kindle Touch for $129 ?

The big difference between Kindle Touch 3G and Kindle Paperwhite 3G is a built-in reading light, ┬áthe lack of reading lights on my Kindle Touch, Kindle DX Graphite and Kindle 4 forces me to use my iPad as my in-bed-late-night ebook reader and since it is an LCD screen, it hurts my eyes for a long time reading, I tried to use Kindle reading lights but they didn’t work. So, if possible, buy a new Kindle Paperwhite, I think it is a great benefit for a night reading or even in a dark room reading and the price is only $50 difference.

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